Thursday, May 21, 2009

Glen Times-Latest Edition

Hi, everyone! Libby here. My fellow cub Abby did a great job with getting the news gathered and published and then I lost my *#@%#$@ internet connection, so I'm late getting you the headlines! Awfully sorry! We really need to talk to Cal about getting some tech support here at the paper.

Since I couldn't get to this until the middle of the night, I'll lay off the chatting and get right to your headlines. Enjoy!

May 19th, 2009

Alistair and Ahnna

The Reverend is impatient with his slow recovery rate. He may not have been ready for work just yet, but is he ready for-other things?

Tomatoes in the Sunshine

Hando, Tilly and Boz Randall

Hando is really some piece of work! He moves on from Tilly's place, but not without leaving her something to remember him by! We find out what he's been doing to Ursula. He turns up a new place to stay, but what havoc will he wreak there?

Hando's Out

Johnny, Amanda and Jimmy Kelp

Jimmy's impressed enough with Johnny to give him a job at the McGee place. Johnny's toughest job is coming up, though-dinner with Amanda's mother!

Johnny Interviews With Kelp

Amanda, Miss Peeg, Bess and Hando

Miss Peeg and Amanda pick up Amanda's mum, Bess. As they're trying to impress her with all the charms of the Glen, who should happen by but Hando? And how will Bess take the news of Johnny staying with Amanda?

Tea in Coffs

Toni, Richie, Miss Peeg and Ben

As the only solicitor in the Glen, Richie Roberts is working really hard. Just exactly what is it Ben Wade and Miss Peeg catch him working on this fine morning?

Caught in the Act

Stevo and Merinda Bindi

Looks like Johnny Ryan's not the only guy in town meeting someone's mother! Steve's mum drops by unexpectedly. How will she and Jeff get along?

Unexpected Visitor

Colin and Abby

I was just wondering where Abby had gotten off to! Turns out, she had an appointment with her mechanic. Needed a little tune-up! But will her ex-husband interrupt the proceedings?

Still in Bed

Dwayne Campbell

Uh-oh! Dwayne's not too happy about Abby's relationship with Colin! When he goes knocking at her door while Colin's with her, who knows what might happen?

She'll Be Mine Again

Sorry again about getting the news to you so late. At least, it's great to know that Cal and Colleen are getting lots of time together these days! And that my friend Abby's getting some- ah- some- well, she's getting something! But it looks like she might be getting into some trouble too! You be careful, girl! That Dwayne could be dangerous.

My thanks to Abby for getting the paper put together and, as usual, to all you contributing writers for getting us these great stories. See you again with the next issue!


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