Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Howdy, Ya'll!

Yep, it's me, Abby Cambell, Glen Times cub reporter, and you know what that means... Cal and Colleen are still away doin' whatever it is they do when they aren't here (like we don't all know ). Anyhow, Libby's off doin' Libby things, and I'm here all by my lonesome again... sorta... *glancing over at Colin who is watching me*...

So, let's get this party started before Colin gets all impatient and decides undressing me with his eyes isn't enough ... here's tonight's stories...

May 17th, 2009

Greta and Kim

Seems daddy-dearest has gone and hired someone to keep things clean and tidy in the new Barrett's shop that just opened, but just who is this Greta woman and why does Kim look as though he may get ill? Hmm... someone from his past, maybe?

The Cleaning Lady

Amanda, Miss Peeg and Sarah

Miss Peeg has a busy day ahead of her it seems, what with her sis flyin' in, loads of messages to return, and now what's this she hears about Mr. Jessup??? Bless the poor dear! Take a deep breath, sweetie, let it out nice and slow like... now, don't you feel better?

A Full Plate

Toni and Richie

Richie tries to lend a hand in the kitchen while Toni's on the mend, but how long can she stand to let him alone in her kitchen? What a great guy you got there, Toni! Even if he can't manage to open a can of soup without the first-aid kit handy!

Richie in the Kitchen

Dwayne and Alex

Well now, seems that soon-to-be ex husband of mine is still lurking about the halls of the boarding house. Ugh! Can't that man just... um... get a clue and get lost?! Maybe Alex Ross can help keep the guy in line... one can hope.

Still Stranded

Ben, Liana and Charlie

Well, well, well... lookie who's back from their honeymoon - it's Ben Wade and his blushing bride, Liana. But watch out for that Charlie Prince, you two! I don't like the look in his eye one bit!

Back Home


The Braddock's were nice enough to invite their new employee to stay with them til she can get a place of her own, but seems Melanie might have other plans in the pretty little head of hers. Hmm... there's just something about that gal I don't trust. Watch out there, Ivy and Jim!


That's all there is for tonight, folks. Thanks again to our wonderful staff and awesome writers! You're the best!

Oh, and a big shout out and hugs to our very own Bridgid - Feel Better soon! We love and miss you loads!

Happy reading!

- Abby (and Colin)

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