Monday, May 04, 2009

Glen Times May 3

Howdy, Ya'll!

Cub reporter Abby Campbell bringing you tonight's Glen Times Update.

Yep, I'm left alone to fend for myself tonight - sorta... don't tell Cal and Colleen, but my hunky mechanic boyfriend (that's right, I said BOYFRIEND! woo-hoo!) is here keepin' me company tonight. Heh... heh... while the bosses are away, the cubbies will play!

Anyhow, better get on with the news - quick-like before Colin decides to well... nevermind, some things are left to your imagination .

So, on with the news...

May 3rd, 2009

Max and Ed

While their women are stuck in Brisbane due to the floods, Max and Ed spend a little man time together, having a heart-to-heart. Can Max help calm Ed's fears when it comes to his love-life with Bron? No worries, Ed, you big lovable teddy bear! Any woman would be lucky to have you, sweetie!

Heart to Heart


After a busy day at work, March spends some down-time back at his place, reading through a letter from back home. Seems he might have a wee bit of a secret he's keeping that could eventually affect his and Libby's relationship. Should he tell her or should he just go on having his fun for now while it lasts? Libby girl, I warned you about getting too close to this guy!


Travis and Jan

After all the hard work getting the place back to normal after the big flood, Travis tells Jan she should take the day off and pamper herself. But it seems he's not the only hard-headed one in this family. And what's that she's tryin' to hide from him? Oh honey, a man tells you to take the day off and take a hot tub, you take a hot tub, sweetie! Of course, it doesn't hurt if you can get that hunk of your's to join ya!

Pamper Yourself

Miss Peeg

Strange and sinister things are afoot down at Richie's place, and Miss Peeg realizes she must do something about it! You be careful there, Miss Peeg, sweetie! Best leave things to the authorities before you go missing, too!

Reality Sinks In

Richie and Miss Peeg

Without giving too much away here, I just wanna say that Miss Peeg never ceases to amaze me! You go, girl! Someone needs to give that woman a medal! Wow!

Taken For a Ride

Well, that's all she wrote for tonight, folks!

Thanks to our wonderful staff and all the talented writers we have! Love and appreciate you all! Yes, even you, Cal!

Now, gotta make it up to that hunky man here with me so he'll stop sittin' there sulkin'!

Happy reading!

- Abby

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