Thursday, April 30, 2009

Libriscrowe Update

Jo has some great new stuff up over at Libriscrowe! Pictured above is her latest creation, featuring close-ups of Cal McAffrey and Maximus. As usual, she's done an outstanding job!

Also new is Chapter Five of "A Second Byline" featuring Terry Thorne and Alex Ross, part of the NanoCorp saga, written by Stacey.

And, as usual, Jo is featuring some wonderful new close-ups and creations. Here's a list and some samples. Click on the links to see all of them.

Russell in New York close-ups

Russell at the State of Play premiere in London close-ups

Ed Hoffman close-ups from Body of Lies

Cal McCaffrey close-ups from State of Play

Max Skinner close-ups from A Good Year

And last, but definitely not least, a lovely new section of the Ships of Master and Commander.

It's all a beautiful feast for the eyes, so go have a look!

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