Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Glen Times Update April 27

Howdy, Ya'll!

Resident Cub Reporter, Abby Campbell at your service, bringing you tonight's Glen Times Update. Yep, those two love birds must be at it again tonight, since they've left me in charge of things here. Actually, with all that's been going on in my life lately, I could definitely use the distraction! Ugh! Anyhow, here's what's in the news tonight...

April 27th, 2009

Seems the new shop, Barret's, has a big announcement for us tonight. First peeps in the shop will get a nice little surprise from that cute owner, I hear. Heh... don't know about you, but I'm marking the date on my calendar and plan on being first in line! Check it out:


Speaking of shops, Seems Ivy Braddock hasn't been around much in the new grocery. Yep, I hear she's gone and made herself an appointment down at the doc's place, and poor Jimmy is worried something fierce. Hang in there, Jimmy! Keepin' you and your lovely wifey in my thoughts and prayers!

Jim Braddock

Waiting is the Worst Part

Oh great! Seems the storm has stranded that husband of mine at the boarding house for the night. I swear, will I never get rid of that man?! He might have made a couple new friends, but I dare say Colin sure isn't one of them!

Dwayne, Alex Ross, and Arthur

Stranded For the Night

Well, lookie here... seems while on their way home from the honeymoon, Ben decides to plant a little seed in Liana's mind. Heck, why not, he's already planted one in her belly! (Oopsie! Did I say that out loud???) How will Liana react to Ben's plans for her? All I gotta say, is...You go, girl! (No matter what your hubby's ulterior motives may be!)

Ben and Liana

Going Home

Over at the Roberts' household, seems Toni can't get over the fact that Richie has a contract out on his life. Despite Richie's reassurances, it seems she might just have good reason to be worried. Oh my... someone call the sheriff!

Richie and Toni

Something to Think About

Once at his office, Richie decides to let Miss Peeg in on what's been going on in his life. Heh... knowin' Miss Peeg, she woulda found out sooner or later on her own, anyhow! Ha!

Richie Roberts and Miss Peeg

Richie Tells Miss Peeg

For Jack and Bridgid, a night on their ship turns to that of sheer terror. Can Bridgid hold it together long enough to help the injured Jack save their lives and ride out the storm? This is a nail-biter for sure, ya'll! Yo, I'm pulling for you two! Hang in there!

Jack and Bridgid


In case ya'll were wondering where my partner in crime was tonight, wonder no more. Seems Cal and Colleen sent her out on a little assignment - in the storm, no less! Hey, Libby! Answer your phone, darlin'! I hear there's a cute guy tryin' to call!

Dan and Libby

The Call

Well, that's all there is for tonight, folks! Thanks again to our wonderful staff and the best group of writers this cub reporter has seen 'round these parts! Love you all!

Happy reading!

Now, if you will kindly excuse me, I've got a bit of explainin' to do to... ... the Sheriff, as well as Colin.

Until next time... Peace out and all that jazz!

- Abby

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