Monday, June 01, 2009

Your New Glen Times

Hello, it's Libby again! I'm actually earning my keep around here lately! Might as well, since the two men I'm interested in both have other things to keep them busy right now.

We may have someone new on his way to the Glen. He's on his way to Coff's anyway. Will keep you posted on that.

Other than a possible new arrival, tonight's issue is all about relationships. Estranged (or is that just strange?) relationships, roommate relationships, family relationships, relationships with friends, dangerous relationships and, possibly, the Glen's strangest relationship!

You'll see what I mean in tonight's headlines! And here they are!

May 30th, 2009

Lt. Cristofuro

Looks like a new detective is on his way to the Glen. Lt. Cristofuoro may be retired, but "special cases" always seem to find him. Hmmm... Wonder if he's "attached"? Or looking to be?

A Special Case

Colin, Alex, Tom and Stevo

My pal, Abby, is really having bad luck in love lately! This time, she went and shoved Colin out a window! What's up with that, girl? Alex keeps him company as he waits for the ambo.

Broken at the Inn

Hando and Boz

Hando's new roommate, Boz, looks really good all cleaned up! He gives Hando a suggestion for a job, but our resident skinhead's not too sure he's up for it.

I Never Busked

Miss Peeg, Bess and Amanda

Amanda and Bess tag along with Miss Peeg to look at a cottage that's up for sale. Will Winnie Peeg finally be moving out of the inn and getting her own place?

Miss Peeg's Cottage

Richie, Toni, Jan and Travis

The McGees and the Roberts' spend a day together. Turns out the Aussies and the New Jerseyites (is that the right word?) get along great!

Saturday With Friends

Zack and Destiny

Zack Grant's met his destiny. For tonight, anyway! But can it last beyond that?

Taking a Chance


Is Kate finding out that marriage to Sid can be (gasp) boring?! She's starting to long for someone to talk to outside the bedroom.

Alone in the Castle

And that about covers tonight's relationship seminar! Hope you learned something constructive from all our great Glen residents. I did. I'm giving up dating and going home to watch TV!

Our thanks to Stacey and our writers for giving us yet another wonderful read!


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