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August 25th Glen Times

Howdy Ya'll!

Abby Campbell, cub-reporter here bringing you tonight's Glen Times Update. Lots going on here in this little community of ours - some of it good, some of it not so good. I'm workin' from home today... Libby's out of the office and Cal and Colleen are still MIA, and I promised them all (as well as myself!) that I wouldn't let that newshound, Alex Ross, try and handle the news here for us again. So, without further ado, here's tonight's headlines:

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August 25th, 2009

Bud and Marie

Bud's given Marie quite a gift, but is it really the one she wants? After a bit of a discussion, it seems Bud's made a decision that could affect them both.

The Wrong Gift

The Decision

Boz and Hando

Hando's roomie decides to clean up that dump of his, but will he clue Hando in as to why the sudden urge?

Boz Cleans Up

Andy and Alice

Andy's back in the kitchen and Alice is there to lend a hand and fill him in on what's gone down there while he's been away.

In the Kitchen

Richie and Toni

Ah, the love-birds are back together at last! But will it? Last, that is?

On Love Alone

Travis and Jean

Jean is learning about what it's like to be Travis' girl real fast. But is it too much too fast?

Fresh and New

In Care of Travis

Travis, Richie, Kyle, Jean and Miss Peeg

Travis has a meeting with Richie about the upcoming custody hearing for Tee. Can these two keep from going to blows long enough to get things squared away?

Bad Mood Rising

Travis and Jean

Travis is full of snap decisions and surprises, but will Jean be a kept woman?

Tucked Away

Kim and Cara

Kim's been doing quite a bit of thinking after his last encounter with Cara. Will it earn him points with the lady or result in him heading back to the bar in a huff?

Kim's Deep Thinking Well


Just when things were looking up for Arthur in his personal life, all hell breaks loose down at the garage. What's the lad to do?

Arthur's Bad Day

Colin, Adam and Raine

With a bum leg and short of a mechanic, who will Colin get to fill in down at the garage? Seems baby sister has a few ideas of her own.

Finding a Replacement

Alex Ross

Now that the funding has come through for him, Alex is full steam ahead ongetting his paper off the ground.

All the Pieces in Place

Zack Grant

Zack makes the decision to make a call that could change his life here in the Glen. Will it be a good thing, though?

Making the Call

Abby and Dwayne

Dwayne is... well... being Dwayne, I hate to say. He means well enough. That's all I gotta say about that.

Kept Safe

Nick and Kelly

Nick survived being at the crowded barbeque but what happens now between him and Kelly?

How Long?

That's all the news for tonight, folks! Thanks to our wonderfully talented group of writers and staff! Couldn't do it without you folks!

Happy reading!

- Abby

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