Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glen Times Update August 20th

Good evening everyone. Libby here, welcoming you to the latest issue of the Glen Times. As usual, all sorts of things are going on in our little community. The good news is that some relationships are going great. The bad news is that some are going not-so-great.

The really bad news is that there might be another paper in the Glen soon. Cal is gonna blow a gasket! Not that there'll be any real news in it. I've met this Alex Ross guy and he's only interested in cheap gossip. Remember, you'll always get the "real" news here in the Times. Now, let's get to it:

August 20th, 2009

Tom and Tori

Not a Happy Outing

Tom finds Tori crying and finally gets the reason out of her. Has Mr. Jessup made a serious mistake?

Ed, Bron, Ceri and Max

Dinner Date

The twins and their men are all settled in for a nice dinner. Food, family, and good wine--what more could you want? Why can't we all be that lucky?

Jeff, Stevo and Meri

You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

Stevo and Jeff both dread saying goodbye to Meri. But, as it turns out, she has a big surprise for them!

Egan and Ashley

Life Changes and New Arrivals

Ashley's family (Lachlan, Marie, and Bud) have been scheming to keep her busy while she's pregnant and Lachlan's gone. Now, it's Ashley's turn to scheme! And Egan'll be the one who benefits--hopefully !

Travis and Toni

Connecting the Dots

Travis and Toni have a morning horseback ride. Will anything between them be settled?

Farewell to Seduction

There's finally a resolution! What will it be?

Richie and Toni

Pot Roast

Toni's cooking dinner for Richie. Will it be the last time?

Flooded Hearts

There's cooking going on in the Roberts' kitchen. But what kind?

Nell and Jean

Making Friends

A new pair of female friends in the Glen. Will the town survive?!

Travis, Sarah and Jimmy Kelp

A Cold Morality

Travis has a new set of problems to contend with. Maybe it's arrived at just the right time.

Travis, Kyle and Jean


Travis is ready to take another woman out for a boat ride. Is he jumping in too soon?

Inside His Eyes

Has Travis finally met his match in Jean? Or will there be another painful ending for him?

Dan and Libby

Confrontation - Part 2

For once in his life, Dan's decided to do things just the way his friend Ben Wade would do them. Will it win Libby for him? Or lose her?

Alex Ross

Pipe Dreams

Ross wants to start another newspaper in the Glen. But things like that don't come cheap. Will he find a way?

Sid, Kate and Alex

Money Talks

Sid and Alex Ross in business together? This cannot be a good thing!

Well, that the news. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I'll leave it to you to decide which is which! Thanks to Stacey for the update and our writers for providing the stories. We'll see you in the next issue!


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