Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Glen Times September 20th

Evening everyone. Libby here. It seems everyone who was involved in the recent violent incident in the Glen will survive, thank goodness! It may take awhile for some of them to recover, though, so don't forget to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

There are a lot of headlines tonight, including some new residents and some surprises, so grab your favorite drink, sit back, and enjoy your paper!

September 20th, 2009

Bill and Sarah McGee

Bill and Sarah at Their House

Travis' parents have differing opinions about furniture for their finished house. And about their son's relationship with Toni Roberts.

March and Jean

Broken Hearts Club

Dear, sweet March. Will he and Jean start a Broken Hearts Club? Or will they need it?

Bar Harbor *NEW

An Unannounced Arrival

We have yet another new resident in the Glen-Sid Harbor's brother, of all people! Just how much do these two "blood" relatives have in common? And will Sid be happy to see him?

Travis and Toni

In Sydney

The two homewreckers, er--travellers- -are back. Toni's enjoying being with Travis--and his money. Don't know how that woman could leave what she had!

Nonnie Scott *New, Mr. Jessup and Miss Peeg

Nonnie's Gifts and Antiques

Another new resident, this one having nothing to do with the Harbors. Nonnie Scott is opening a new shop in town and she gets the opportunity to meet several of the residents. Everyone stop by!

Richie and Nonnie

Richie Meets Nonnie

Nonnie Scott needs to talk to a solicitor about her new shop. Luckily, she's just met the nicest, most handsome one in all of Australia!

Colin O'Brien

Too Late?

Colin makes it to the hospital to visit with Abby. He's blaming himself for what's happened to her. Will Abby set him straight?

Bud, Marie and Abby

Some Things Are Best Done by Others

Bud senses that Abby needs someone to talk to, and Marie volunteers. She gives Abby a shoulder to cry on and some good advice, until Abby can get her friends and an attorney!

Abby, Libby and Alex

Visiting Hours

Finally, I get to see Abby! She's doing okay, but she's all torn up over what she did to Alex Ross. Just has to apologize to him!

Richie and Libby

Drinking Buddies

The only thing worse than drinking alone is being depressed alone. Since Richie and I were both alone, we worked that out!

Good Morning Sunshine

I've decided I'm through with romance. All I want is a good friend. At last, I've found the right kind of relationship and the right man to have it with!

Adam and Raine

Late Coming Home

Adam's out very late and, with all that's happened, Raine is really worried about him. When he does get home, though, something seems to be really wrong.

Zack, Robin, Julie and Cort

After the Battle

Zack is about to be released from the hospital, after having his injuries treated. But he can't go home without checking on the others first.

Egan and Jessica

A State of Confusion

It's been a week since Bud flattened Egan. His jaw's gotten stronger and so has Jessica's attraction to him. He's well enough to eat, but is he well enough for a different kind of sustenance?

Our writers have outdone themselves yet again, and Stacey gets the paper out come rain or shine, in sickness and in health-- Well, you get the picture! So, thanks to them again.

That's all our news for tonight! We want to extend our best wishes to everyone who's in the hospital right now for a speedy recovery! Everyone get well soon. We're all waiting for you to come home!


(who's now feeling more like a lioness than a cub!)

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