Friday, September 25, 2009

Glen Times Update for September 22nd

Hi, everyone. It's Libby and there are a lot of interesting things going on in the Glen right now. We get better acquainted with some new arrivals (and their families!). We hear from some residents who haven't graced our pages lately, although for at least one of them, it's not good news. There are new relationships and old going on--which will probably give Mr. Jessup plenty to talk about and Alex Ross plenty to write about when he gets out of the hospital! Here's all your news for tonight:

September 22nd, 2009

Miss Peeg and Michael Stanley

Dinner at Winnie's

Toni's father has been invited to dinner at Miss Peeg's. Are we looking at the Glen's newest couple?

Sid and Bar

Living Proof

Bar finally knocks at his brother's door and Sid is annoyed--of course! Will he be convinced that he really has a brother?

Cort and Claire

To Sit in the Shade of You

Cort finally arrives home after being treated from his injuries. And after all the near-losses of loved ones in the Glen, he's ready to be closer to Claire.

Colin and Abby

Here for You

Colin apologizes to Abby. Is it too little too late, or will she allow him to be there for her?

Nonnie, Miss Peeg and Mr. Jessup

Nonnie's 'Family' Arrives

Nonnie Scott's 'family' is here. I'm sure Miss Peeg will like them, but what about Mr. Jessup?

Nonnie and Uncle Stephen Scott

Nonnie and Uncle Stephen

Nonnie's uncle comes to town with displays for her shop. As they talk about her future, Nonnie's cat, Wuss, finds a new place to prowl!

Hando, Bet, Boz and Nina

The Hang of It

We catch up with Hando at his new bartending job. He, Boz, and their sheilas seem to be doing all right.

Mr. Jessup and Uncle Stephen Scott

Too Much for Jessup

Mr. Jessup meets Nonnie's uncle, but it's not exactly a great meeting. And just for the record, Mr. J, I do NOT have three men at my call!

Travis, Toni, Bill, Sarah, Tee and Kyle

Travis Takes Toni Home

Travis and Toni are home. Well--Toni's new home. Will her new family welcome her?

Terry and Dino


It's great to hear from Terry Thorne, but the circumstances aren't so good. Dino must tell his friend that M has been taken by rebels. Will Terry take his own advice and come home to the Glen?


Straightening Up

After everything that's gone on in my life lately, I feel like I'm finally getting things under control. And friendship plays a big part!

Colin and Raine


After leaving Abby's room, Colin checks up on the other Glen residents in the hospital. When he gets home, he finds his sister has her own problems dealing with Adam.

And that's our news for tonight! Many thanks to the usual suspects: Stacey and our writers, including B, who's joining us again following a lengthy absence. Welcome back, B!

Make sure you pick up our next issue, which will have more great news about all your favorite residents!


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