Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Glen Times Update Sept. 25th

This is Libby and, once again, it's time for your Glen Times update. If there's a theme for tonight's issue, it would have to be 'Comings and Goings'. Terry Thorne, Dominic Maloney, and Sid's brother, Bar Harbor, are coming to the Glen. Other residents are entering or exiting new relationships. And, as always, some residents are not sure which they're doing! LOL! So, settle back and see what's going on right now.

September 25th, 2009

Bar, Sid and Kate

A Room For Bar

Kate and Sid make room for Sid's brother. but what's Sid really up to? "Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly."

Dominic Maloney

Dom is Back

We catch up with Dom, who's back in the Glen and wondering if Colin can still use him at the garage. Seems Dom just might need some money for, uh...a few unexpected expenses!

Bud and Marie

Unexpected Time Off

Bud's facing some forced time away from the job because of Dwayne's shooting. He's planning to spend it working on the new business with Zack. Or will Jessica need more protecting?

Terry and Paul

A Sad Return

Terry's homecoming is anything but pleasant. At least he has a new friend by his side.

Making the Calls

Following a sleepless night, Terry takes Paul to the airport. He's holding it together pretty well, until he gets home to the empty house.

Johnny Ryan and Jimmy Kelp

Riding the Fences at Glenridge

Jimmy and Johnny are discussing the women in their lives, and the Glen's proposed new business. Seems neither one of them is ready to change jobs any time soon!

Richie and Toni

I'll See You Around Some Day

Richie and Toni meet to discuss who gets what. It's a painful process, but it has to be done. Maybe the healing can begin now.

Travis and Toni

The Life that Was

Upset after her meeting with Richie, Toni goes to the house with Travis to get some of her things. Packing up her former life is a painful thing, but Travis knows how to make her feel better.

Richie and Libby

Facing it Head On - Part 1

The meeting with Toni was an ordeal for Richie too. He takes Libby to Coffs for dinner to escape, but it seems to follow him.

Facing it Head On - Part 2

Can a man and a woman have sex and be friends too? Richie and Libby are trying hard to find out.

Alex and Abby

Visiting a Friend

Abby's getting out of the hospital but, still feeling guilty, she drops in to see Alex Ross before leaving. Seems she'll be staying at Millie's for the time being, but will she end up staying in Alex's room?

And that's the news in our little community for tonight. Thanks to all those who make the updates possible (you know who you are). And remember, you read it here, not in that rag Alex Ross is peddling!


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