Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Glen Times of 2010

It's our first edition after the holidays and some intriguing things are going on in the Glen! Kidnappings, residents going to jail, medical experiments. .. Looks like the New Year will not be dull! Read on:

January 6th, 2010

Bar and Joimus

Over the Ridge

Waking to find no one else at home in Sid's house, his brother Bar takes the opportunity to go outside exploring. He finds Joimus' house and gardens intriguing!

Bud and Marie

What Are You Doing New Year's Day?

Seems there are too many people in the house to suit Bud, so he takes Marie outside to celebrate the New Year. And what a celebration it is!

Dom, Molly, Rosemary, Amanda and Richie

Time Out for Adults

Rosemary has tracked down Molly and Nic at Amanda's kindy. When she tries to take Nic, all hell breaks loose!

Liana and Charlie

Thoughts of Escape

In Charlie's house, Liana is wracking her brain for some idea of how to get away from him! What will happen to her and the baby?

Sid and Kate

DNA 101

Arriving back at home from the hospital, Kate is still exhausted, so she takes a little nap. And while she's asleep Sid begins his preparations to prove the baby she's carrying isn't Colin's!

Well, there's the New Year's news! Stacey and most of our writers are back from vacation and things are back with a bang! Hope you enjoyed this edition, and please join us next time.


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