Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 11th Glen Times

The new year in the Glen seems to be all about new residents--newly born and newly expected, that is. Five of the nine stories we have for you tonight deal with babies in one way or another! Our residents really know how to keep themselves busy!

January 11th, 2010

Bud and Marie

What Are You Doing New Year's Day - Part 2

Marie has some exciting news for the New Year. But will Bud be excited?

Jeffrey and Meggie

Guardian Angel - Part 3

Jeffrey's hurt while checking out the noises outside Meggie's house. Will he spend the rest of the night being miserable? Or will Meggie do something about that?

Sid and Kate

Baby Time

Boil some water! Get some clean sheets! It's time for Kate's baby to be born! Who's more nervous--Kate or Sid?

Miss Peeg and Michael Stanley

The Rescue

Michael's had some health problems lately and he's all alone. Miss Peeg comes to his rescue!

Travis and Toni


Confined to her bed, Toni's feeling restless and helpless. What will Travis come up with to keep her occupied?

Richie and Nonnie


Richie's working on Rosemary's case at the moment. And Nonnie's wondering how she plans to pay him.


Getting Back to Work

Libby's had a lonely holiday this year. She's glad to be back at work and excited about her new career!

Ben Wade

Random Thoughts

Ben's feeling frustrated by his inability to do anything about finding Liana. And he's remembering their first holiday together.

Lachlan and Ashley

Sleepless Nights

The new parents are too busy tending the baby to get any sleep. And Katie Marie is training them well!

Hope you've enjoyed tonight's news! Thanks to Stacey and our writers for providing us with all the interesting stories. Remember to join us for our next issue.


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