Monday, January 05, 2009

Glen Times Arrives On Time

I did remember to type the date correctly. It is 2009 but my check book is slightly messed up. At least I got it right where it counts. Do you think if I put 2008 on my checks they'll be voided for being over ninety days old?

No such luck, huh?

Anyway. tonight we have another wonderful trilogy of tales from Sir Robert and Julie St. John, or should I say Julianna? These two give off sparks and in more ways than one. They certainly are an attractive couple. Must be all those mud baths I tell you.

Ben and Liana share their Christmas with us in their installment. Seems they're both bookworms but there are two special gifts under the tree. One for each of them and perhaps a glimpse of the year to come.

Jimmy Braddock is up. No pun intended folks. I have too much respect for the man but, he is. It's all Ivy's fault.

Here's your links, dear readers.

January 4th, 2009

Sir Robert and Julie St. John

A Formal Tea

Twice Off a Log

For all we Know

Liana and Ben Wade

Gifts of the Season

Ivy and Jimmy Braddock

He Rose Again on the Third Day

Tomorrow is another day folks. I can't wait to see what the residents of the Glen will be up to so stay tuned to this channel.

Okay, I know its a newspaper so stay tuned to this....printing press?



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