Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glen Times for March 13th

It sure looks like we may have a quiet weekend folks but there's always something happening at the Glen. We have a good sized issue for you tonight.

You'll all be pleased to know that the Braddock's will be opening their grocery store soon, partly in thanks to Max Skinner. Gotta wonder what Ivy was so nervous about!

Alistair and Ahnna share a bit of their first night together with us and its a very very lovely night preceding one that surely isn't so.

Kate and Sid take the big plunge before they return to the Glen. She asks him one very interesting question after all the I do's are said and done.

Terry needs a night out and he makes a new friend in the process, one that needs the guidance of an older wiser man. Sharing a drink at Millie's is just the place for it.

Toni has a talk with Richie about certain surprises she wouldn't appreciate being sprung on her but she ends up with one that any woman would enjoy.

Travis and Tee have a little snicker. well kind of. He knows he's a lucky boy but it looks like Travis will be as well.

Joimus and Maximus have a bit of a chat. A little about Marce's funeral but a little about a new resident coming to the Glen. Read on.

Lastly we have a bit of a fantasy from Toni, so she thinks. Who did she see in the woods? We may never know but then again......

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March 13th, 2009

Ivy, Jim Braddock, Max Skinner
Breathing and Banking

Ahnna and Alistair
Safe in all her Fallings

Sid and Kate
All Mine Now

Terry, East and Millie
Citizen Driscoll

Toni and Richie
No Surprises Here

a russ17.jpg

Travis and Tee
Tee and Uncle Travis

richie courtsit.jpg
russ pppp.jpg

Richie, Travis, Kyle and Miss Peeg
Richie and Travis make it Legal

Joimus and Maximus
Though not from Assisi


Toni's Fantasy, part 1

Thanks to Layne, Stacey and Beej for all of their tireless help. A special thanks to Kaz with this issue.

We'll have more for you in a couple of days so stick around to enjoy the Glen Times.

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