Friday, March 13, 2009

New Libriscrowe Update

Libriscrowe ( ) has been updated with
a brand new epi by Jo in the series called A STRONG TOWER. Chapter 10 deals with
the fact that Robin Hood IS going to be filmed as well as the new look Russell
Himself is sporting. All of Russell's characters...yes ALL of them...have just crossed
the vast Nullarbor Plain afoot to the southern coast of Australia. Come read if you feel
like you could use a belly laugh or two. direct link to new chapter.

Also up is A TOUCH OF GENIUS by Atonia, an interlude at Princeton in the
life of John Nash where a willing female student leads him to a profound

A LOVE FOR A LOVE by Jo has Cort joining Maximus and Bud in chapter 7
of this NanoCorp storyline. Sid has sent Maximus' love into Gladiator as part of
his revenge on what he sees as the General having taking away his own love.
Maximus can watch his lady on the DVD, but has no way to get to her. And Sid
is also responsible for the recent death in Australia of Cort's wife.

25 chapters of Stacey's MY ISLAND story are now up. Collin Price, a Russell-
based character is aboard a plane that goes down in the Pacific...a really engrossing
story of love and changing relationships.

Chapter 7 of Layne's Ben Wade story UNEXPECTED OPPORTUNITY is up.
Ben, wounded in the arm, is forced to rest at a young woman's cabin.

Beej has added another section to her Russell-based Jake Mitchell stories. This one is
called 'TIL DEATH US DO PART and the title is not given lightly. The end will have
you on the edge of your seat.

There are also quite a few new entries in Jo's Sir Robert/Robin Hood storyline she's writing
at RCFF's The Glen. Link to those is here:
Direct link to The Glen where lots of authors are writing together and where you can find
all of Russ' characters in an Australian setting is here: (updated several times a week!)

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