Monday, April 06, 2009

Glen Times April 5th Edition

Hello everyone.

It's that time again. Our favorite actor is celebrating his birthday in two days but he and his lovely wife Dani are also celebrating their anniversary. Be sure to check out the cards page. It will be growing greatly within the next couple of days.

We have a pretty good update for you tonight with a lot of new characters to introduce so lets cut to the chase. First up we have that special page I was talking about.

Birthday and Anniversary Cards for Russ and Dani

Now on with the issue.

John Nash and Doc Knight

John knows what he needs and the doc has the capacity to help him.

Finding Nash

Toni Roberts and Gerry

Toni has a little sit down with her half brother Gerry and he spills the beans on something interesting.

A Brotherly Visit

Andy's Staff

There's a whole passel of new employees at Andy's new restaurant. Check them out at the grand opening

Andy's at the Glen

Zack Grant

Zack has a few things on his mind, helping his host Alistair for one thing but what does 'Destiny' hold for him?

Calling Destiny

Alistair and Ahnna

Alistair is having his ups and downs. What can he feel, hear, remember? Time will tell but Ahnna is there for him.


The time has come for Alistair. His wife is at his side as he's waking but does he recognize her? Does he know what happened?

Just like the First Time

Libby and March

Libby bumps into someone and let me tell you March comes in like a lion and he sure does make a good first impression. Dan Evans, I have a message for you. If you snooze you lose.

Libby and March

Miss Peeg and Henry Jessup

Another person has moved to the Glen. His name is Henry Jessup and he has an idea for the Glen and he shares it with Miss Peeg

The Corner Shop

Travis and Jan with Family

Travis and Jan tie the knot in a simple elegant ceremony. With family present and a toast from her grandpa, their life together is a new beginning.

The Wedding of Travis and Jan

Jack and B

The sail shop is open, kind of. B puts out a help wanted sign but she and Jack are not ready to take any calls...yet.

Blinded by the Light

Libby, Richie and Miss Peeg

Libby lucks out as she manages to rent a nice apartment above Richie's office. It's a perfect location for one thing. What was that about townhouses?

The Apartment

Jim, Ivy and Ian

There's a bit of an accident at the grocery. Its followed by something intentional. I sure wouldn't want to trade places with the perpetrator in this story. Getting on Jim Braddock's bad side is a fate worse than anything the sheriff would dish out.

Unsatisfactory Delivery

That's all there is that's fit to print tonight, everyone but we'll be back soon with our next issue of the Glen Times.

Enjoy the reading!


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